International Workshop on

Salinity Gradient Energy

4th-6th September 2012, Milan, Italy

Workshop Program

Tuesday, 04.09.2012

14:00-15:00Arrival & Registration
15:00-15:30Welcome Coffee
15:30-16:15Opening Remarks: Bert Hamelers, WETSUS, The Netherlands
FIRST SESSION Chairman: Bert Hamelers
16:15-17:00Plenary Talk: Fabio La Mantia, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)
The mixing entropy battery: concept and development
17:00-17:20Roland D. Cusick, The Pennsylvania State University
Electricity production from wastewater and thermolytic salt solutions in a microbial reverse-electrodialysis cell
17:20-17:40Hoe-In Jeong, Ajou University, Korea Republic
Numerical study of power generation by reverse electrodialysis with fully developed concentration field
17:40-18:00Mauro Pasta, Stanford University, Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum
A Desalination Battery
Welcome Dinner at the NH-Hotel

Wednesday, 05.09.2012

SECOND SESSION Chairman: Odne Burheim
09:00-09:45Plenary Talk: Renè van Roij, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Optimal cycles and circuits for harvesting salinity gradient energy
09:45-10:05Andriy Yaroshchuk, ICREA & Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Modelling of PRO/FO in electrolyte mixtures: the effect of spontaneously-arising electric fields
10:05-10:25Angel V. Delgado, University of Granada, Spain
Realistic predictions of energy extraction from salinity differences inside nanoporous electrodes
10:25-10:45M.M. Fernândez, University of Granada, Spain
The role of ion charge on the efficiency of energy extraction from salinity differences
10:45-11:00Coffe Break
THIRD SESSION Chairman: Torleif Holt
11:00-11:25Plenary Talk: Andrea Cipollina, Università di Palermo, Italy
The REAPower project: power production by Reverse Electrodialysis with seawater and brines
11:25-11:45Michele Tedesco, Università di Palermo, Italy
Reverse Electrodialysis with seawater and concentrated brine: a comprehensive process modelling
11:45-12:05Luigi Gurreri, Università di Palermo, Italy
CFD analysis of concentration polarizationphenomena in spacer-filled channels for Reverse Electro-Dialysis
12:05-12:25Joost Veerman, REDstack b.v., The Netherlands
The REDstack Test Site on the Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands
12:25-12:45G.R. Iglesias, University of Granada, Spain
Evaluation of different activated carbon nanoparticles as porous electrodes in CDLE (capacitive energy extraction based on double layer expansion)
12:45-13:05Chung Tai-Shung (Neal), National University of Singapore
Membrane development for osmotic power generation
FOURTH SESSION: INES Chairman: Frank Neumann
14:30-14:45 Introduction INES
14:45-15:15 Frank Neumann, Juelig Institute for Energy and Climate, Germany
Themes and timing
15:15-15:45 Claude Laflamme, Hydro-Quebec Institut de recherche, Canada
Development of a salinity gradient power resource analysis by INES
15:45-16:00Coffe Break
16:00-16:15 Developing a common understanding and protocols for performance measurement of membranes
16:15-17:45 Pannel discussion
Discussion on methodologies and how to come to common protocols
17:45- 18:00 Closure
Looking ahead to Singapore meeting (19 October) and Afsluitdijk Blue Energy (Spring 2013) meetings
Social Dinner

Thursday, 06.09.2012

FIFTH SESSION Chairman: Angel V. Delgado
09:00-09:45Plenary Talk: Torleif Holt , SINTEF Petroleum Research
Salinity power by pressure retarded osmosis
09:45-10:05Odne Burheim , Wetsus, The Netherlands
Transport Phenomena in Auto Generative Capacitive Blue Energy Systems
10:05-10:25Olivier Schaetzle, Wetsus, The Netherlands
Modeling direct electricity production by capacitive energy extraction from salinity gradients
10:25-10:45Jihye Kim , Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
Optimization of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO)/pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) hybrid process
10:45-11:05Oscar Alvarez-Silva, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Improvements in the estimation of theoretical and enviromental salinity gradient power potential
11:05-11:20Coffe Break
SIXTH SESSION Chairman: Martijn Bijmans
14:00-14:45Plenary Talk: Doriano Brogioli, Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Potential of zero-charge in CAPMIX
14:45-15:05 Michel Saakes, Wetsus, The Netherlands
Minimizing pump energy consumption in reverse electrodialysis
15:05-15:25Raul A.Rica, Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Electro-diffusion of ions in porous electrodes for capacitive energy extraction based on double-layer expansion
15:25-15:45 Bruno Bastos Sales, Wetsus/Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Cylindrical Design Suitability for Blue Energy
15:45-16:05 Fei Liu, Wetsus/Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Effect of additional charging on the performance of Capacitive energy extraction based on Donnan Potential
16:05-16:20Bert Hamelers
Concluding Remarks
16:20-16:50Coffee Break
Social Excursion

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